Simon Brow

I am a drummer of the Velhas Virgens band at 13 years old.
I began my career playing in Catholic churches and with bands formed between friends. Studying with private teachers of the time, and some local schools in the neighborhood.

I worked as a drumtech with bands and artists such as Maskavo, Popes da Língua, Alma D’jem, Maria Rita and others.

Teacher of drums at the Arte Nova and MozAarte schools and private lessons in my studio.

Meu prato

I currently use the X10 Orion line, with incredible finishes and a unique sound, perfect fit in the Rock and Roll sound of the Old Virgins.
I often say that. “The X10 line dishes are inviting, I ALWAYS enter the studio eye the setup and feel like playing.”

Setup Orion

Hi hat 15″ – X10
Crashs 17″- X10
Crash 18″ – X10
Mega Bell Ride 22″ – X10
China 20″ – X10