(Português) Thiago Sonho

I am a restless enthusiast of black music, soul, funk and even the most extreme strands of rock and roll, I carry the technical versatility and artistic freedom since I was 13 years old when I entered the universe of drums and sticks, acting in rock bands of mode informal. Later on, when I decided to become a professional musician, I studied music theory and initially trained as a percussionist at the Souza Lima Conservatory. In this instrument I explored all the rhythms: I played Latin music with Los Sounds, Axé Music with singer Jake, and I searched the music of the West Afro Koteban, a group that has been a member of the group since 2004. He is a member of the Vai-Vai samba school, and I also play in the Afro-Brazilian Afro-Brazilian Block Ilu Inã, in São Paulo.

As I have always been passionate about drums, I founded Funkessencia, an instrumental band from Funk / Soul, which attracted the attention of Tony Tornado and became the support group of the father of Brazilian soul music since 2010.
I have been accompanying for five years one of the pioneers of Brazilian hip-hop, DJ Hum, with the project “Expresso do Groove”, currently also, I am drummer of the tour “Boogie Naipe”, Mano Brown, the most recognized national hip hop name, for 29 years at the head of the Racionais MC’s group. Continuing my versatility, I was on the “Simplesmente Elis” tour 3 years ago with the singer Didi Gomes and the band, performing a Tribute to Elis Regina in several theaters in the country.I have also followed the last 3 Brazilian tours of the Belgian Jazz-Fusion group Mind Priority I recorded the drums and percussion of the album “Pra Semper Amanhecer” by singer Cláudya, one of the great female singers of MPB, produced by Tiago Mineiro.
Toco, also at APOSTROPHE ‘, Trio de Fusion with Fernando Tavares and Lucas Fragiácomo, with a record recorded in 2016. He also accompanies guitarist Sérgio Casalunga in his instrumental quartet. I also work as a researcher and teacher.

My Cymbal

My setups are usually very varied, depending on the work I do mute some dishes.
But I definitely use simple setups, of a few different lines. You can see the description of each set and its explanation below!

Setup Orion

Set 1. Com o Mano Brown / Boogie Naipe , Tony Tornado, DJ Hum, e em outros trabalhos de black music, eu uso um setup
Hi Hat 14’’ – REV10
Thin Crash 18’’ – REV10
Ride 20’’ – REV10
Com esse setup tenho a pressão de groove e ataque que o Soul/Funk exige.

Set 2. Para trabalhos voltados à música brasielira, uso:
Control Hat 14’’ – MS
Control Crash 16” – MS
Control Crash 18’’ – MS

Set 3. Para trabalhos em lugares menores, tenho usado também:
Hi Hat 14’’ – Whisper (WS)
Medium Crash de 16’’ – Whisper (WS)
Ride 20’’ – Whisper (WS)