Valter Filho

Hello! It’s OK? I have been a drummer since 1999. This year I do 20 years of study, teaching and practice! In these 20 years I have been able to play with many musicians and to form and contribute with many bands! Today, I join the bands Mensageiros do Vento, a band that presents a unique show that mixes the cinema with live music, and the band PDA – Alta Prediction, which comes with an authorial proposal and music full of energy.
All this time, I was able to work as an event producer, musical director and sound technician with my own studio. You know the coolest of all? My story with the drums begins with an Orion dish. A china Solo Pro. I did not even know what a battery was, but it was the dish that caught my attention in a store here in Salvador. It was the first step, for which to my parents they thought it would only be a phase, but it was always my life. Soon after this dish, he was already with a basic battery kit and harassed the neighbors, as he tried to copy what he saw in videos and on TV. Believe! He played the technique without a minor and down the beat on an acoustic drum, in an apartment on the 10th floor of a building. The years passed and I took lessons with a great drum teacher from the area. In 6 months, I was already taking the first firm steps with a double pedal and discovering my references. I went through the ins and outs of Rock and Progressive Metal quickly, but with the studio I had to learn to play a little bit of everything. I recorded Arrocha / Sertanejo CD, some things from our old MPB and I always tried hard to play with different musicians. Each one helped in my training.
Today, I am a very happy musician in my career. I joined a formidable company that has incredible people and its products owe nothing to anyone! A national company with a cast of super cozy employees and varied products! Today, I can say that I have seen the shirt of a company that represents my feeling and can transmit my identity with the sound and quality of its products! I’m Orion Cymbals!

My Cymbal

The choice of dishes comes from a previous experience with the brand. I chose the Rage 10 series for using the old Rage Bass and for looking for a dish that gave me the ability to control all the power it has. This line makes me very comfortable to play any style. The dishes are very sturdy and I can control the dynamics and intention of my play in every song I perform.
In particular, I chose large-sized plates for more flexibility of the dish. The sound comes fuller when I strike hard or make a stiffer ride, and I get a sound with considerable body when I want a slight accent.
The indispensable dish on a set and that ends up being the basic feature of the drummer’s sound is the Hit Hat in my design. I chose the 14-inch Rage 10 model for having this range of possibilities. I can, with it, play from a Reggae or a Pop to a very heavy Metal.
The second dish I chose for my sound is Crash, which, for me, it is indispensable that this dish be very flexible sonorously and that is able to provide volume when I need it. I chose the Power Crash of 18 because it fits perfectly into my kit and my idea of ​​sound. Identity defines this dish.
Since we speak of identity, nothing better than effects, to give a good sauce to the sound. I chose without fear the Splash of 10 of the same series, acquiring 3 units of this model. The sound is very peculiar: it manages to be aggressive and at the same time it sounds like a Splash that covers that void in lighter music, replacing even a Crash. Another effect I chose was the MS Splash Control of 8. A very lightweight, supersensitive and versatile dish. Use it as a stax with one of the 10 Rage splashes. The combination was incredible and I was surprised by its strength and versatility alone and with the Rage. The next dish I chose for a very clear reason: I needed something sharp and at the same time I could drive on it without being too sharp. Fell like a glove! I highly recommend the 18 inch China Type. It caters me perfectly in moments of anger and in the softest moments. Finally, the dish I’ve always been curious to know. The Mega Bell of 22 of the X10. A difficult dish to master because Ping has well defined throughout your body. With that, I had to know him well enough to be able to play with a certain dexterity. It’s a little monster: super sound, definition and power! The feeling when I touch it is like I’m driving one of those Monster Trucks! This dish is definitely the dish that closes the kit with mastery and gives the brightness that was missing to the set, giving it a clear reference of sound identity. I am very happy with this selection of dishes. With it, I was able to attach my heavier side to the more eclectic side in a single kit, both for rehearsals and for shows and recordings. And the most impressive thing is that I do not see any difference between the ORION dishes for ANY brand of the world market. I always believe that we should value the national material. Orion does not owe any brand to any brand in the market. I’m definitely really satisfied with the sound, the quality, and my whole relationship with the people involved with Orion Cymbals.

Setup Orion

Control Splash 08″ MS
Splash 10″ Rage 10
Hi Hat 14″   Rage 10
Power Crash 18″ Rage 10
Mega Bell 22″ X10
China 18″  Rage 10