(Português) Walter Lopes

I am a drummer, producer, composer with more than 30 years of career and also a teacher, I was one of the forerunners and pioneers of Brazilian evangelical rock and the first national Christian drummer to be endorser of world famous brands. I founded the bands Oficina G3 and Judas o Outro. I was a drummer hired by Vox Band 5 in Caruaru-PE. I participated in 2001 in Rock in Rio 3. I am owner of the Walter Lopes Battery Institute and founder / coordinator of the Streetcross Project in Londrina-PR with the support of the Rouanet Law. I developed a line of drumsticks signed by Liverpool Sticks. I am currently endorser of PEARL Batteries, ORION Dishes, AHEAD Drumsticks and LUEN Skins. With POWER CLICK support and the Xtreme Ears Headset, I will be present throughout the national territory.

My Cymbal

I always looked for an explosive sound, robust and bright, with nice and striking harmonics, so my set is very eclectic without losing weight. These are sound characteristics that appeal to me.
The ts with the X10, Solo 20 and MS series enabled me to reach this standard.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 16″ – protótipo X10
Crash 18″ – Solo 20
Crash 20″ – X10
Ride 21″ – X10
China 18″ – Celebrity Special Vinte
Stack with Gongo Exótica com um  Crash 16″ – WS overlaid