Zé Mario

I play since I was 14, got professional at 19 years old, and since then I have accompanied several Brazilian artists. I have played with Jorge Ben Jor, Cláudio Zoli, Sandra de Sá, Wilson Simoninha, Elymar Santos, I play for singer Emmerson Nogueira for 11 years and, currently, work with the Rio-born singer João Sabiá, Banda do Síndico (formerly Vitória Régia, which accompanied Tim Maia), singer Fernanda Ca and am releasing an authorial work with my Banda Cubo.

My Cymbal

I have worked with Orion cymbals since 2004 and, within this period, followed closely the evolution the brand has achieved, with the launch of several series until finally achieving the long-awaited B20 developed today. With so many possibilities, I have always worked with different series on my setup trying to take the best from what each could offer to the type of sound the work requested in terms of brilliance, response, lightness (or robustness), and can say that they have always served me perfectly, whether with rock, samba, pop, soul or MPB. We have the necessary versatility for any type of sound.

Setup Orion

Splash 08″ – Celebrity Vinte
Splash 10″ – Solo 20
Hi hat 14″ – Celebrity Vinte
Crash 17″ – Celebrity Vinte
Crash 18″ – Solo 20
Crash 18″ – X10
Ride 20″ – Celebrity Vinte
Swish 18″ – MS