Zé Renato

I have always tried to diversify the styles I play – despite exploring more the variables of ROCK, I played BOSSA NOVA on a small tour through Europe. Today, I am part of projects in POP, JAZZ and VINTAGE METAL. Eclectic, right?!

My Cymbal

Hi-Hat 14”, Medium Crash 16” and Thin Crash 18” by REVOLUTION 10, Splashes with 6” and 8” and Swish 18” by MAINSTREAM, Crash 17” by X10 , Mini China 11 1/2” by Revolution Pro and a Balance Ride de 21” by UNIQUE.
An amazing setup that suits me in all styles. Timbre, brilliance and projection. Wherever I go with my Orion Cymbals, there is always someone asking me about them!

Setup Orion

Splash 06” – MS
Hi-hat 13” – Celebrity Vinte
Crash 17” – X10
Crashes 16” – Rev 10
Crash 18” – Rev10
Crash Ride 19” – Celebrity Vinte
Swish 18” – MS