Acoustic battery and its advantages in studies.


The acoustic batteries point out some advantages over electronics. One of the main ones is when it comes to studying battery techniques.
Understand a little more about these advantages and how the acoustic drum might be best for learning to play.

The recognition of sounds.

Any instrument we learn is very important to know how to recognize the distinct sounds it has.
With the battery these sound nuances are more noticeable in the acoustic drums. This advantage is one of the most important of the batteries, since recognizing sounds is fundamental to being a high-end battery.

Acoustic drumming is the real drum feel

Whoever plays drums knows: It’s not drums if you do not feel the drumsticks, plates, drums .. Anyway, it’s not drums if you do not feel the drums.
In this sense the acoustic batteries, and only them, will bring this touch to you. This for the study of techniques is fundamental. After all, you will not be able to perform the techniques of your studies if you do not feel the beat!

Concluding the advantages in the studies!

These characteristics are the main features, but there are countless advantages to studying acoustic drum batteries.
So do not fall into the illusion of silence or comfort. Battery is feeling, it is tact and it is sound!

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