Club for batteries. What do I sign up for?


Clubbing are environments, virtual, physical or both, where drummers meet to exchange experiences, tips and techniques to evolve while playing drums. The environments, in general, are schools where, in addition to tips and exchanges of information, classes are given to drummers. The question that remains then is: What is the best club for you?
The answer has several variants ranging from his style of playing, musical preference to budget and availability of time. Knowing this, we will bring you some Club Battery tips so that you find the one that fits your profile.

How do I choose my Clubhouse?

If your intention is just to get to the Club Battery to take basic battery tech classes the range of options is broader, after all the basic battery technique can be explained by a drummer’s rock or Samba, in the same way, the basic teaching of the instrument is also general and so you will learn the basic techniques to play all styles, from rock to samba. The differences turn out to be glaring at the higher levels of battery learning, and if your intention is to specialize in a certain style the options begin to thin, as well as, they begin to present greater variety within the same club. Calm down, I’ll explain.

If your intention is to be a rock specialist, in addition to having classes focused on the theme, you can exchange tips and experiences with other members of the club and this expands your knowledge within the style that fits your profile, The club gains an air of coexistence and exchange of information and not only of classes and basic theory.

Some tips for club batteries or drummers for you to follow according to your style:

For women Hit Hat Girls is a great choice, the club is exclusively female and offers content for many styles, so it is the ideal option for women whatever their style or musical preference.
In this link you can follow the routine and work of Hit Hat Girls, and find the ways to contact: https: //

Rock lovers have some tips.
The first one is Beat Beat, the school offers classes, forums and meetings set by rock, is a great option for you to know and delve into the style.
In this link you can follow the news and find ways to contact:

If your style is rock heavier we recommend following the tips and work of our endorse Daniel Moscardini: https: // www / danielmoscardini /

The gospel is well represented by Robson Caffé, follow his work and his tips for drummers of the style: https: // www / robsoncaffe /

For drummers of a more general style we recommend following the work of Renato Barreto: Renatodrumista /

If you are looking for some other specific style to accompany the Orion On The Road, our endorses are presenting our new lines according to their playing style and musical preferences.
Please visit:ídos-para-a-liga -b10 /