Drums: Acoustic Drum x Electronic Drums – Which is better?


The duel is a long time and a long time puts a flea behind the ear of the batteries.
After all, acoustic drums vs. electronic drums, face to face. Who takes?

the beginning of this story

It all started with the emergence of electronic batteries in the 1980s.
At that time the drummers were already facing the pitfalls of playing drums: The size of the instrument and the noise to rehearse at home.
In this context came the electronic drums that would come as the solution of the problems of all the Drums.
The batteries fit into smaller racks, so they are less spacious and lighter.
They can reproduce the beep sounds on your handset, so they make less noise.
They just do not do the most important thing about playing drums …

Sound: Acoustic Drum x Electronic Drum

Here is the main point of the dispute and it is where the electronic batteries lose of washing.
They solve various battery problems, as seen, and even appear to be ahead in the dispute Acoustic Drum x Electronic Drums. But it just seems.
The big question, and for many what gets the electronics out of the competition, is that:
They do not get to the diversity of sounds that the acoustic battery arrives and, therefore, it does not solve nor its trainings, since the form to hit in a dish, for example, does not change its sound.
In comparison to the acoustic drums, each point of the dish, for example, when played sound different.
It means that the technique to play the acoustic battery is VERY different from the technique in electronics.
In addition, the amount of sounds and arrangements that are taken from the acoustic battery is also MUCH bigger than in the electronic drums.

Arbitrators’ decision, who wins?

We always hit the key that is always your style that should prevail in your choices for the instruments.
In that case this rule does not apply, after all opting for the electronic drums limits their sounds and, consequently, prevents you from exercising your style.
The bottom line is that if the battery is just a hobby, without the intention of actually touching the battery, electronics can help.
Now, if you want to play drums, with technique, with harmonics, with sounds, your choice should be the acoustic drums.
Acoustic Drum x Electronic Drums? Now you know how to choose.

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