Musical drums and their techniques.


The Musical Drum is one of the most important of the percussion instruments. This magic composition of sounds arose from the union of several instruments and, thus, joined several techniques making the drums a difficult instrument.

Meet with Orion some of the techniques of this instrument so important to the world of music!

The turns and their magic

The turns are one of the most striking, complex and impressive techniques of the drums.
An upset is a time of music where the drummer uses several of the instruments that make up his musical drummer quickly.
This technique is very used in Rock and it is a moment of summit of the presentation of the drums, it is magic to hear and to see a well executed turn.
And that’s why turning is the technique that opens up our core set for the drums.

The Musical Battery Footprint

Footprints are the key technique when you play drums, as we say in this post .
The main ones are: German, American, French and traditional.
As you can know more deeply in the post quoted above, each of them has its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
As well, each one is more used in one or another style music.
So, the footprints are very particular of each drum, but they are a fundamental technique for playing drums.

How do I go into musical drum techniques?

This answer comes in tip form.
The main thing is that you have persistence, the drum is a complex execution instrument and you need to sweat (and a lot) to be a great drummer.
Second is to search for blogs and online tutorials to know and delve into the techniques.
Finally, schools and drum clubs are essential for their musical training and evolution on drums.

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