How to choose drum plates for my style.


One of the biggest challenges of batteries is the choice of battery packs. There are many options and each one with its characteristics.
Let’s understand more about how to choose drum plates.

First: How will you use the dishes?

Being aware of how you are going to use the dishes is extremely important at the time of purchase. You can break the face (and the dish) if you opt for the cheaper option and use it as professionals use their dishes.
So it is important to be fully aware that: If you are going to play like a professional, make the choice for dishes that support this footprint.

How does my style interfere with the time of choosing drum plates

Your style is the main factor to consider when choosing your dishes. If you are more technical maybe dishes with more harmonics please you more.
You may also have a heavier footprint, and you will need stronger plates. You may even prefer drier dishes that match your stomp stick.
Anyway, from the moment the conflict is with your style, choosing drum plates becomes a personal and variable decision from drummer to drummer.

Which conclusion did we reach?

We can conclude that the technical factors of the dish as harmonics, alloys, flexibility and etc. are points at which the style of the drum will set.
Now regarding resistance it is important that you know its characteristic.
If you play frequently and looking for a quality sound look for durability in your dishes, in order to avoid constant exchanges and expenses.

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