How did the battery plates come in?


You will be surprised about the size of this story.
The plates of drums date from centuries before Christ and, as expected, were very different from the dishes that we know today.

Where and when did the battery plates come?

In a territory known at the time, like Assyria (present territory of Israel), the plates of battery appeared. The date? 12th century
Well, it’s a long way from our history, the dishes at that time were the size of the palm of their hands and they came in search of an instrument that had a different sound from the wooden drums.

Modernity has come and gone in Europe

The dishes, which until then were made rudimentary, have won leagues.
Exactly in Turkey appeared the first of the leagues, the famous b20, this evolution brought to the dishes new sounds and characteristics.
This was the moment where the dishes gained prominence in isolation as instruments.
At that time the battery, as we know it today, did not yet exist.

The union with the battery

As we said in this post the battery arose due to the need of groups to decrease the amount of members.
And it was in this context allied to the technological innovations that the plates and drums began to form a single instrument.
Here the dishes started to be as we know it today and they have gained new leagues and new models.

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