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The Musical Drum is a historical instrument full of knowledge and always present in world events. It is known for a set of instruments that give rhythm and lead to all types of music. Since prehistory, mankind has played drums in various cults or festivities. They are the first remnants of musical drums. Today, the instrument and the techniques to play have evolved more and more to the point where we have established drummers that make the audience delirious.

What does it take to be a good drummer?

Many batteries have been asking themselves: what does it take to be a good battery? How to assimilate so many techniques at the same time? How many hours of study should I take daily to develop my coordination and touch?
Well, there is no objective answer to all these questions. But one thing can be said: playing musical drums requires discipline, lots of practice, and years of study. In addition, you must feel an inner calling. A want something more. So there are great chances of becoming a good drummer.

Where is the music drum used? And how do I choose my first drum set?

It is used in the most diverse musical styles. From the jazz, reggae, rock, pop and even electronic. Therefore, there are several types of instruments that produce sound reinforcement for certain musical styles. Ideally, you should determine the style you want to play and orient yourself in the choice of dishes, deafness, drums, etc. that best emit the sound of that style.

To choose your first battery, consider that it should occupy ample space within your room or home. So make sure you have this space available to keep it assembled or store it wherever possible.
Another interesting feature to look at is color. In this item you will express your style. There are more glitzy and funky styles while others more classic and neutral (like black and white). See some ideas in the photos below.

battery styles
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