Day Orion Play initially started with 8 drummers together, each one playing his own tracks, and even playing all together at the same time!

The proposal for Day Orion Play II was a bit different. We gathered 16 drummers and divided them into two days. The diversity of styles prevailed, with drummers for all tastes. Our main objective in this issue was to bring content with the highest quality, focused on musicians such as you, drummers!

The event took place on April 15 & 16, at Estúdio NaCena! The drummers participating were:

André Dea – Vespas Mandarinas/Sugar Kane
Camilo Mariano – Sorriso Maroto
Pitchu Ferraz – Nervosa
Walmar Paim – Bell Marques
Nô – Estúdio Hellno
Naná Aragão – AlmaDjem
Walter Lopes – Judas o Outro
Márcio Zarzir – David Quinlan
Michele Abu – Percussão
Robson Caffé – EX4
Marcão – Dead Fish
Rick Samba Lobisomem – Samba Session
Daniel Moscardini – Coral de Espiritos
Amilcar Christófaro – Torture Squad
Chico Medori – Jazz Session / Domiguinhos
Paulinho Sorriso – Sandália de Prata / Giba Byblos

The companies that sponsored us to have an even better event were:

• Gretsch ->

• Pearl ->

• Baterias Hutch ->

• Baquetas Alba ->

• Black Box Studio ->

• Bruno Polengo ->

• NaCena Studio ->

• A21Film ->