Passado e Presente


The story began in 1985, when Multialloy was found in Sao Paulo, initially to trade copper and nickel alloys. The company started expanding and consolidating after 4 years, when Michel Bex became its chief, offering creative technical solutions in the area of special alloys with products and services.
Joining the quality in service to human talents and the technical capacity of the initial team resulted in a set of differentials that offered the company growth and support for many years.

After 10 years conducting Multialloy, Michel decided to fulfill a dream: opening a cymbal factory. The dream came true in 1999, with Brazilian cymbals of quality comparable to the world’s top brands.
How did the name come up? Michel Bex decided to ask all employees to suggest a name. After all names were selected and voted by everyone, the winner was Orion Cymbals.

The same happened for choosing the name of our first brass cymbal, the Twister.

In 2004, always concerned with bringing new features and products especially made for each drummer, the first B10 made in Brazil was launched: the series Revolution 10.

In the same year, Orion was present in over 50 countries and expanding its horizons.

Since a dream you dream alone is only a dream, in 2007 a cultural contest was created: the “Battle of Drummers” gave the opportunity for young drummers to perform to their main drumming idols, and the most voted one won a prize from Orion Cymbals.

In 2001, the Orion Cymbals cymbal line got the ISO 9001- 2008 certificate (certificate number Q00954) that guaranteed our leadership in the “Top Of Mind” award, granted by Música e Mercado magazine for five consecutive years in our segment.

Looking for the best features in traditional B20 cymbals, the Orion Cymbals team found in Turkey the best supplier of bronze B20 with capacity of making the blanks according to the designs from our technicians and experts. At the Orion Cymbals plant, these B20 cymbals get a high-quality Brazilian touch.

One of the main characteristics is being a pioneer in Brazil:
• Machined
• Manual Hammering
• B10
• B20
• Gongs
• Plates
• The first company in Brazil to make a 2m gong.

A company that places its values – partnership, integrity, respect, commitment, and excellence in products and with society – on the forefront. It is not only a drum cymbal brand, but a foundation for dreams and achievements. A company famous worldwide. Welcome to the world of possibilities by Orion. A world totally in sync with you and with those who hear you.