How did drums become one of the main percussion instruments?


The drums are currently one of the main percussion instruments. But it was not always so.
In the past, drumming instruments shone in isolation until they were uniting in American jazz bands.
But after all, how did the drums become one of the main percussion instruments?

How does this story begin?

The history of the drums, as it is today, began in the 1910s and ’20s.
At that time the Jazz bands shone on American streets. Motivated with high funds and distant from the invention of the pedals, the bands held more than one percussionist, and with that facility, it was possible that each of them would devote themselves to just one instrument.
With the onset of the crisis and the pedals it was possible for a single musician to play more than one instrument. This technological advance, added to the crisis, was the fuse for the process of union of the instruments.
That’s when the battery came up, as we know it.

And how did this revolution create one of the major percussion instruments?

It’s quite simple: The drum was part of the lighting of the main musical styles of modern times.
The drum was an important component for the jazz, rock, hip-hop and various styles that make up the range of modern musical styles.
In addition, the batteries have become prominent in bands and musical groups around the world.
The plastic of the movements, allied to an accurate technique and difficult to execute, gave the drummers positions of technical prominence in the bands.
This is how the drums were placed with one of the leading percussion instruments of modern times.

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