Kit of dishes, which is best for your style?


Kit dishes are a tough choice for any drummer.
The market offers many options and each one with its characteristics.
Understand a little more about the dishes to choose the best for your style.

How to choose my league?
The alloys in the battery plates are the base of the structure, they are the raw material of the sound. Therefore, it is important to understand their relationship to the sound of each dish.
Starting with league B8:
The alloy in B8 is more flexible due to the smaller amount of tin, plates with this alloy are more harmonic.
Therefore, for the style batteries that require more tone, this alloy is excellent.
The B10 alloy:
This alloy is like the “middle ground”, it is flexible and thus has many harmonics.
However, due to the greater amount of tin, plates with this alloy are more resistant and, consequently, they withstand styles with the heaviest footprint.
For those batteries that play hard but still need many harmonics this alloy is a great choice.
The B20 alloy:
This is the oldest among the leagues and has a characteristic different from the others.
Despite the greater amount of tin, plates with this alloy have many harmonics.
So, the batteries that have very heavy footprint but need the well defined harmonics have the B20 as the best option.

But knowing the leagues, how to choose my Dishes?
Knowing the leagues is time to leave for your personal definition.
The characteristics that follow the choice of the alloy are of particular character of each battery.
More or less harmonics, or decay, or attack, anyway, here is you that I defined.
It is important to always keep in mind how you play, what your footprint and your techniques.

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