What are the best dishes for your musical style?


Choosing battery plates is a very complex decision for the general battery.
There are many choices of alloys, materials, stiffness and so on. The question is, which of these options are the best drum plates for your style?

Which league suits you best?
One of the main characteristics of the dishes are the alloys, today the main ones are B8, B10 and B20. Let us understand its characteristics.
From the beginning the alloys are not the unique characteristics to define the best plates of battery.
Alloys define characteristics that are excellent for certain styles and bad for others.
Let’s explain: The B8 alloy originates dishes that are more flexible. This feature creates more harmonics and decays longer.
Styles like Jazz fit very well to the B8 alloy plates, due to the form and technique as it performs this style.

The dishes in B10 are slightly more rigid dishes, meaning they have slightly less harmonics and slightly shorter decay.
They are interesting dishes for heavy hand styles due to the durability of the plate and the fact that so many harmonics in this alloy are not lost. Heavy metal (despite its love relationship with the B20) can run perfectly with the B10 dishes.

The more traditional alloy between the batteries is the B20, but make no mistake, this is the alloy that requires more technique of the battery to make good arrangements, the rigidity of the dish has a large harmonic range, but that is not any battery that pulls . In addition, batteries with a heavy footprint should be aware of the durability of the dish, less flexibility results in less impact absorption which damages the dish. The B20, despite the technique involved, are well suited to various musical styles, since it is possible to draw many harmonics. However, remember: Light hand and sharp technique.

After all, what are the best drum sets for your style?

Well, that answer is absolutely personal, it’s up to you.
B20 platters, for example, are not specific to heavy footprints, but they are the celebrity of heavy metal drummers.
What does that mean? that choosing the dishes depends on you, how you play, how to suit the materials or alloys, how you use the harmonics and dry. Anyway, no one knows your style better than you.

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