The World and History of Drums Musical, according to drummers.


The World and History of the Musical Drum

The current configuration of the battery with bass drum, bass drum, deafness, tones and cymbals was only ordered in this way in the late nineteenth century, although the earliest evidence of this instrument dates back 8,000 years BC In Czech Republic, pieces and trunks of covered trees for animal skins in the Moravia region. Gradually this instrument was modernizing and gaining new elements that, together, made up the batteries. Let’s take a tour of the World and the History of the Musical Drum:

XIIth Century A.C – First Cymbals

The first plates of battery were found in Assíria, current territory of Israel. They were about 20 to 25 centimeters (the size of the palm), metallized and emitted a slightly different sounding than the wooden drums. See also the entire Orion Cymbals Product Guide clicking here.

14th and 17th Century D.C – Drums in military parades and Orchestras

The batuques are part of military parades. The materials become more sophisticated and flashy, providing a wider sound. In the seventeenth century, the orchestras implant drums in their songs. See also our series for parades: Opus Bravíssimo , Opus Marching and Opus Concert .

Decade from 1890 to 1930 – Emergence of Pedals

The drummer began to play several instruments simultaneously using hands and feet. The sounds gained amplitude and dynamism, the battery began to take shape of how it is played these days. In 1930 appeared the first mounts with the face of the current batteries, composed by hi-hat, box, bass and plates.

1990s – Electronic Batteries

Small rubber spheres emerge that mimic the sounds according to recordings. More and more they have been improving to transmit the intensity and different points of the dish to be played.

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