Toca Batera 7th Edition


With its origin in the city of Vila Velha in the year 2010 the Toca Batera already conquers thousands of fans and illustrious visitors.
Let’s know more about this event!

How and why the Drum Burp came

It all started in the mind of Fábio Peçanha dos Santos in the year of 2008. The idea was to create a power workshop to attract drummers from all over Brazil.
The project started coming off the paper when two big drummers got in touch with the initiative. Your names? Plínio Cunha and Andrinho Mayone.
With encouragement of these names of weight the 1st edition happened and counted on 3 batteries.

How did this story continue?

During the next years the event was growing and gaining space between the batteries. In 2013 the event already had 5 drummers who brought the main spirit of the project, the love of music.
In 2016 the 6th Edition of the Toca Batera was held in the courtyard of the UP college, also in the center of Vila Velha, being 7 batteries in the line and with the students’ opening of the college.
This opening is very coveted, since the event has become a great showcase for the young drummers.

Finally, we have reached the 7th edition

The event, which carries in its essence the love for music, will feature 14 big drummers. There will be different styles and performances that will shake Vila Velha on December 17, 2017.
In the end the drums are joined and play a piece composed by the drummer and idealized Fábio Peçanha.

Information about the event

Date: 12/17/2017.
Location: Sports court of the UP college, center of Vila Velha
Time: 13h
Free entrance.

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