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Orion is the name given to one of 88 modern constellations. It is located at the equator and is visible practically by all the regions inhabited in the planet Earth. It is made up of the famous Blue Giant and Red Giant stars, which are visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere between December and January. But how about another Orion? Orion Cymbals, a company that seeks to determine trends.

Orion – The company looking to determine trends:
Besides being recognized worldwide as a constellation, Orion Cymbals seeks to make a difference in every corner of the planet. With the help of engineers and drummers, the company’s main goal is to deliver high quality products and performance to drummers around the world. Today, it is the largest national producer of battery plates and competes on an equal footing with major international companies. The secret is Orion products, which aim for the highest quality.

Orion holds products for all musical styles.
With wide and complete line, the company provides battery plates for different styles. The alloys offered are Brass, B8, B10 and B20. To view the full product guide click here. In the year 2017, some products have evolved and sound quality , strength and versatility as well. See below:

What about testing a new Orion dish?
From now on, the B8 REV’10, Rage Bass and Solo Pro alloy lines are being bundled in B10 alloy, and have new names: Revolution Pro, Rage 10 and Solo Pro 10.

The Revolution Pro is renamed REV’10, and absorbs its old variation, Revolution 10, gaining a new hammering and a more balanced and consistent sound.

The Rage Bass line, renamed Rage 10, picks up some discontinued models, expanding the range of possibilities for strong-grip drummers.

Solo Pro, now Solo Pro 10, turns the bronze entry line into a high-level reference in terms of starter plate. Versatility and durability already established for those who want to start making a difference!

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